My Hero Academia Movie: Two Heroes

My Hero Academia Movie: Two Heroes

The first movie version of “My Hero Academia,” which is an animation of a popular manga by Kohei Horikoshi serialized in “Weekly Shonen Jump”. About 80% of the population is born in a superhuman society where some sort of supernatural ability “individuality” is born, and a boy born without any individuality, Izuku Midoriya (aka Deku) becomes the number one hero Allmight After discovering her qualities, she enrolls in Yuei High School, a prestigious hero school, and grows up to become a full-fledged hero. The movie version is supervised by the original author and in charge of character design. Deku and Allmight, who visited a huge artificial mobile city “I. Island” upon invitation from a certain person, met Melissa, a girl with “individuality”, and Deku superimposes her former appearance on her. At that time, the security system of I-Island, which should be proud of the security of the iron wall, is hacked and a certain plan to shake the hero society is activated. Mirai Shida plays Melissa, and Katsuhisa Ikuse plays Melissa’s father David.

  • Staff (first work)
  • Original work/General supervision/Character draft- Kohei Horikoshi “My Hero Academia” ( Shueisha ” Weekly Shonen Jump Series ” )
  • Director- Kenji Nagasaki
  • Screenplay- Yousuke Kuroda
  • Music- Yuki Hayashi
  • Character Design Chief Animation Director- Yoshihiko Magoshi
  • Art Director- Shigemi Ikeda
  • Color design-Kazuko Kikuchi
  • Director of Photography-Masataka Ikegami
  • CG Director-Yoh Ando
  • Editing-Kumiko Sakamoto
  • Sound Director- Masafumi Mikuma
  • Production- Minami Ichikawa, Keiji Ota
  • Co-production-Soichi Sumida, Nobuoki Kinoshita, Masahiko Minami, Tsukasa Imamura, Keiichi Yoshizaki, Michinori Mizuno, Shingo Kunieda
  • Executive Producers-Yoshihiro Furusawa, Akito Takahashi
  • Producer- Wakana Okamura, Yoshihiro Oyabu, Koji Nagai, Kazumasa Sanjo
  • Associate Producer-Kei Kushiyama, Kozue Kaniwa
  • Distribution- Toho
  • Animation Production- Bonds
  • Production-“My Hero Academia THE MOVIE” Production Committee (Toho, Yomiuri Television Broadcasting, Shueisha, Bonds, Nippon Television Network, Dentsu, Sony Music Entertainment, Movic )

Original character (first work)

Melissa Shield

  • Voice- Miki Shida
  • David’s daughter. Aspiring scientist. Even though he longs for a hero, he is “non-individual”, so he aims to be involved in the research of hero support items like his father and indirectly save many people.

David Shield

  • Voice- Katsuhisa Namase [35] (Adolescent- Ryohei Kimura )
  • An old friend of Almight and Melissa’s father. A young scientist who was a partner in the age of all-mighty Americans. A leading expert in researching hero support items.
  • He developed the all-male hero suit “Age” series.
  • “Individuality”: messy fingers
  • Tell Melissa that she doesn’t point.


  • Voice- Rikiya Koyama
  • A terrorist leader made up of villains who plan to overthrow the hero society.
  • “Personality”: Metal operation
  • It is possible to manipulate the surrounding metal at will. It is highly versatile, as it creates its own armor.
  • “Personality”: Strengthening
  • Wolfram is not the original “individuality”. He was transferred from “All For One”, who knew of Wolfram’s terrorism plan to afflict Almight, so that he could cross with Almight.

Samuel Abraham

  • Voice- Small Man
  • Nicknamed “Sam”. David’s assistant.


  • Voice- Godzilla (Heisei Godzilla series)
  • “Personality”: Toho
  • A unique “personality” that makes you look like a monster.

Electric plant

  • Voice- Keiji Hirai
  • Appeared in past recollection scenes. A professional hero who was active in England. “Personality” is “power generation” that can generate electricity in the body.

Cow lady

  • Voice- Yumi Kawamura
  • Appeared in past recollection scenes. Professional hero is active in the United States. “Individuality” is “cow”. When activated, it can be transformed into a cow.
  • Guest voice actor (first work)
  • Chidori/Head (Daigo/Nobu)
  • Voice-Daigo Nobu


My Hero Academia Movie: Heroes Rising Online

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